Often in professional wrestling the important dates, locations, and lineups are well-established and documented. In rock and roll, the contracts are saved, payouts recorded, and photos and recordings exist of great shows. Veteran journalists know full well none of this applies to the inscrutable Mr. Dynamite.

Likely originally hailing from somewhere deep in California's Central Valley area, Mr. Dynamite travelled all over the West Coast as a young man. Pay stubs verify Mr. Dynamite spent time at the 76 gas station across from the Sahara in Las Vegas, while attending Hyram J. “Hy” Rowler High School in the ‘70s. Sources say Dynamite gassed up cars for Twiggy, Jill St. John, and Cher, who were all regular customers wherever Dynamite was working the pumps. It’s said the tips he made playing bass guitar on the Strip for tourists funded his first car, a ’68 Dodge Charger R/T.

Dynamite's penchants for cash, cars, and full-on bar brawls eventually became a career for tough-but-quick money in the ring. While never noted for being a technical wrestler, Dynamite was already known in the Central Valley for showing up at Battle Royale-style wrestling events and walking away with the purse. Few records exist of Dynamite competing in singles wrestling matches, however his record of 78 (confirmed) wins in over-the-top-rope-for-cash competition remains unrivaled.

Dynamite only began wrestling full time after tag-partnering with Tinseltown legend and pro-wrestling superstar “Hollywood” Capponi. The two met when Hollywood, already known for wrestling in LA and Florida, was scouting locations for his then-upcoming film project, Capponi's Way. Dynamite had a walk-on role, but the film was shelved by studio executives, who did not wish to do things “Hollywood” Capponi's way. With time on their hands, Dynamite and Hollywood began tag-team competition as "Thunder Brothers," before eventually winning tag-team gold along the Tex-Mex border as "The Tequila Champs."

After a chance meeting at an outlaw show near Dallas, Dynamite and Hollywood partnered with Luscious Luke to form one of the rowdiest professional wrestling tag-teams to ever hit arenas and high school gyms. STALLION burst out of the stable as a wild force in wrestling, and continues to win Championship Gold to this day, while Dynamite and Capponi’s devastating rhythm section truly brings “Thunder Brothers” to ultimate musical expression. 

Mr. Dynamite has several musical projects under his belt, but if you found out about them he would have to beat you down.