Born in Oxford, Mississippi, Luke Martin grew up steeped in Civil War history, which came in handy when he was kicked out of the house before finishing his schoolin' when, to prevent an ass-whoopin', he stopped his daddy with the senior Martin’s own Confederate sword. Thus began the odyssey of Luscious Luke, which began that night by his sleeping in a local newspaper collection bin, and which eventually took him to all corners of the globe and to the heights of professional wrestling and rock ‘n roll. Luke's hardscrabble interim stints as a dishwasher and butcher's assistant prepared him well for a life of beating meatheads and mopping the house.

Developing a uniquely-Southern sense for hillbilly music as well as soul-drenched funk, Luke started off being billed as "Luke Funk" in a short-but-successful career in the 1970s as a jingle writer for several canned dog food makers and local butcher shops. His classic radio commercial for "Jive Giblets Dog Food" (distributed by H.H.Hiram Meat Farms) was nominated for several industry awards.

Luke was making strong inroads towards forming a permanent funk and disco band for the lucrative hotel lounge room circuit, but this was cut short in a bar outside Amarillo, TX. He had wrapped a live radio session near KEND-FM, and was celebrating at a local bar. Unbeknownst to Luke, professional wrestlers Terry Funk and Dory Funk Jr. had taken serious offense to Luke using their family surname. Terry and Dory proceeded to beat Luke half to death in the dark, rat-infested alley behind the bar that night.

In the tragic aftermath, and with his banjo and keyboard playing fingers too mangled for finesse playing, Luke swore to never get his ass handed to him again, even if it was by getting jumped in a bar by the reigning NWA Tag Team Champions, and began his training as a professional wrestler. He began billing himself as "Luscious Luke," "Ladies Love Luscious Luke," and "Quadruple L." In several runs throughout the southern US, as well as tours of England, Australia, Spain, and Korea, Luscious began refining his wildcat style on the road. While working outlaw shows in the Texas territories in the late ‘70s, Luscious ran into fellow wrestlers/rockers “Hollywood” Capponi and Mr. Dynamite, who had just won several border area tag-team titles as "The Tequila Champs." In less than a month STALLION was formed, and the three-man tag team began a legendary run that continues to win Championship Gold to this very day, with Luscious Luke’s bone-crunching guitar work leading the way.

Luscious Luke may or may not be known from his previous bands Pony Time, and UK's Armitage Shanks.